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In an abondance of images: quick moments with different meanings. Casting, location scouting to light retouches.


Quick cuts with a unified sound in a story that builds.


Live recordings of voices mixed with natural and created noises.

ANOTHERSIDEWALK street level, high culture – visual studio 


Nico Stinghe’s art is provocative, and high in emotion. Disturbing at times, his photos and short films are often charged with tragedy and present a direct challenge to the viewer. Who is this girl? Is this for real? Inspired by the fashion industry, Nico often asks his models to participate in the shoot by making their own costumes. This adds realness, we are not modeling haute-couture here…are we? Photographer, filmmaker, architect and multi-media artist, Nico loves anything glam, the absurdity of things, the magic of dressing up and putting on makeup. Colors, glitter and sluts meet the sad and unfortunate. Nico likes people who have something to show, something to say,… a story to tell. This is where crisis and beauty meet, where aesthetics merge with fashion and theatrality. He flirts with abstraction and design, simply for the sake of seeing the beauty of carnage in slow motion. by Anne-Marie Gregory for NY Arts Magazine